Welcome to the iSAGE Training course and Workshop:

Innovations to improve sustainability in the sheep and goat sector

(Zaragoza, Spain, from 10 to 13 December 2019)

Venue: Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza, Spain

Dates: 10-13 December, separated into three activities:

  • A Training Course (10 and 11 December), targeting industry technicians, extension services, associations, and applied researchers, teachers in technical training centres, managers of industry enterprises and persons who advise the farmers and the industry. The training will aim to transfer the work carried out in the project, by explaining and discussing how the research has been conceived with the participation of the industry, and the results that can be applied by the industry organisations in their strategies to improve the sector. (You can register here)
  • A Field Trip (12 December), organised with the Oviaragón Cooperative which is a member of the project. This visit will be open both for the Training and the Workshop participants. (You can register here)
  • A Dissemination Workshop (13 December), addressed to a wide range of public that can be potential users of the iSAGE results: farmers and farmers´ representatives, public administrations officers, and alos technicians, extension services and other interested stakeholders. It will provide summarised presentations of the main results of the project in the most practical manner. (You can register here)

Languages: The activities will be in English, French and Spanish, with simultaneous interpretation into the 3 languages.

See topics covered and programme.

iSAGE (Innovation for Sustainable Sheep and Goat production in Europe) is a 4-year project supported by the European Union H2020 Research Programme. It started in 2016 by an international Consortium composed by 33 research and industry organisations from 7 countries. The ultimate objective of iSAGE is to make the sheep and goat sectors more sustainable, competitive and resilient. These improvements come from strong collaboration between industry and research institutions within the different working areas of the project: sustainability assessment, socioeconomic and consumer’s trends, climate changes assessment and adaptation, redesign of production systems and integration of innovative strategies, managing sheep and goat (genetic resources) and multi-actor communication.

The project is currently in its last period, and it is programming a series of training courses and workshops in several regions of Europe and the Mediterranean to disseminate and transfer to the different stakeholders of the sector the research and development approaches used and the results obtained by the project. This training and workshop aims to cover France, Italy Portugal, and Spain.