Welcome to the iSAGE Summer School:

Approaches to innovation and research
for the sustainability of sheep and goat production systems

(Zaragoza, Spain, 21-23 May 2018)

European and Mediterranean sheep and goat sectors are valuable because they produce goods from otherwise unused resources and deliver important environmental services. Sheep and goats are sometimes the main industry for many marginal rural areas supporting local communities and infrastructure. These sectors, however, are facing an uncertain future because of a general lack of competitiveness and attractiveness for new generations, due to poor technical and economic results and severe social and environmental challenges.

Innovative solutions are needed to overcome these challenges to make sheep and goat industries more sustainable and profitable. These innovations need to improve production techniques, labour organisation, equipment and infrastructures and collective programmes for selection or health campaigns, as well as for the marketing of products.

The iSAGE 3 day summer school will provide postgraduate students and early scientists with an overview of main areas of research and innovation in sheep and goats in Europe, so as to widen their comprehension on the aspects in which science is contributing to the sustainability of the small ruminant sector. Lectures, open discussions with experts and industry stakeholders, and a field visit to a real example of an innovative production system will enrich their understanding on the actual stakes and challenges to which the sector is confronted and on how science and innovations can help the industry to cope with them.

Target Audience

The Summer School is designed for PhD and MSc students and early career scientists from European and non-European Mediterranean countries. Participants should be involved in small ruminant research in different scientific disciplines (nutrition, genetics and breeding, physiology and reproduction, animal welfare, production systems, marketing, socio-economy...). The number of students is limited to 30 so early registration is recommended.


This course is organised by the H2020 project Innovation for Sustainable Sheep and Goat Production in Europe (iSAGE) through the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza (IAMZ-CIHEAM).welfare, production systems, marketing, socio-economy...).